Sharing Leads to Great Conversations

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August 6, 2013

Why is Strategy Arts starting a blog? Because our years of consulting have taught us that sharing the perspectives that come from experience leads to the deeper and more meaningful conversations that make us all better. Through these conversations, we all get the feedback that builds better ideas. We also get questions that help us to clarify our thoughts and communicate them better.

In today’s environment, deeper conversations take on an even greater importance. We see our clients’ businesses and organizations facing countless uncertainties such as global economic uncertainty, government sequesters, education reform, healthcare reform—the list goes on. The overabundance of information and opinion on these issues coupled with a lack of discernment, guiding knowledge and wisdom further complicates organizational leadership in this ever-changing environment. The endless stream of confusing information, coupled with frequently inaccurate or biased “analysis,” profoundly affects our ability to act with confidence and intent.

In the midst of all this chaos, it is easy to forget that our organizations are still combinations of people and processes trying to focus on a shared purpose. To be successful, the focus of these people and processes needs to be sharpened with an eye to the future. That is where we, at Strategy Arts, live. We help clients to step back, clarify their situation, and refocus on the shared purpose that is so central to success.

We think conversationsSARTSlogo that allow us to step back from the noise, share perspectives openly, and find a common purpose need more attention, not less. Strategy Arts’ blog is about our experiences, our thoughts, and our ideas on many aspects of the fields we work in. We hope, and intend, to draw inspiration for the topics covered in our blog from many sources, including areas at the core of our consulting practice and those inspired from informal, spontaneous discussions with our clients and professional networks. By sharing topics and ideas with a wider audience, we hope we can help our clients and others take a step back with us, think about the ideas, and share to develop a deeper level of thinking that will serve all of us well.

Please share with us your comments and opinions, experiences and stories, so that we can all build stronger ideas and learn from each other. We will see you in the discussions!