Strategy Arts Frameworks

As Strategy Arts launches its new website, we are also introducing a series of project frameworks. We have been working hard on both during the last few months and it is exciting to be entering a new phase of growth for our business. Our project frameworks are often at the heart of discussions about our consulting services so I thought I’d let readers know a little more about them in our first post-launch blog entry.

Our project frameworks provide an end-to-end picture of a project in each of our major service areas. They enable clients to envision the full extent of their project and identify potential project elements that are most important to them. Clients use our project frameworks in many ways, which we love, because it validates the reasoning behind their creation. We see clients referring to the frameworks at meetings and asking for copies when we use them in presentations. The frameworks also often attract questions from prospective clients at conferences.

We created the first of our four project frameworks, “Planning to Action Framework,” almost ten years ago to illustrate our strategic planning approach. Our goal with this document is to help clients understand the steps in our planning approach and envision how the process we undertake together will lead to the realization of their goals  It was and continues to be important to us that clients are able to see how our collaborations get meaningful results. This clarity helps clients decide what they can do themselves and where they need our help to maintain momentum and get the results they want. We have learned so much from our clients over the years, including valuable insights into uses for our project frameworks. Today we use them with our clients to:

  • Inform project planning by defining project options
  • Help clients determine what they can do themselves and where they need our help
  • Clarify what needs to get done to start and maintain action
  • Brief stakeholders and keep them up to date on project progress
  • Define the reasoning, importance, and value of each step in their journey

In the future, we are committed to learning even more about how to use our frameworks to support clients and their projects. We look forward to hearing your feedback on our new website and frameworks as we continue on our journey together.

You can view our four project frameworks online and via downloadable PDF using the links below.

Planning to Action Framework 

Organizational Change Framework

Collective Impact Framework

Program Evaluation Framework