A Recommitment to Improvement

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November 18, 2015

OverB_BCorp_logo_POS the past week, the extended Strategy Arts team has worked through our most recent B Impact Assessment (BIA). Completing the BIA, and scoring well, is a required part of our recertification by B Lab®. It is challenging to achieve B Corp Certification and we are proud of our status as a founding B Corp, one the first of what is now a growing community of 1,489 Certified B Corps in 42 countries and spanning 130 industries.

B Corp Certification recognizes us for business practices that focus on more than just profit by incorporating the well-being of our employees, our communities, and social and environmental impact. Being a founding member and a Certified B Corp however, does not mean we are the best we can be. The BIA helps us measure what matters and serves as a tool to both inspire and guide us to improve our business practices.

What is most energizing about completing the B Corp Certification process as a team is the recognition that we can do better and the excitement that potential brings to the team. We all are committed to bringing ideas and enthusiasm to the journey. This is the first time we completed the BIA with our extended team but it will not be the last. Together, we recognized new things we can do immediately to be a better business and identified several other items we will work towards over the next year.

We are happy to talk to anyone about what it means to us to be a Certified B Corp and invite your perspectives on our performance. We invite you to share in the excitement around the B Lab® vision of a world where businesses compete to be Best for the World, rather than Best in the World!