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Powering Collaborations through Leadership

Written by Scott Wheeler on November 9, 2016

Leadership. A concept we like to stress at Strategy Arts is that leadership is by permission, management is by position. When considering the leadership required to make collaborations work; this is true more than ever. Leadership of collaborations is multifaceted, requiring leaders to stay engaged and attentive with members of their own teams and with   Read More…

Engagement Requires Motivation, Community and Support

Written by Scott Wheeler on October 28, 2016

Many of us regularly choose to enthusiastically participate in groups outside of our core family and friends. Sports teams, religious organizations, professional societies, and hobby groups are just some examples where you can find enthusiastic, engaged supporters. Those of us involved in organizational collaborations can learn from what makes these groups work. We’ve all been   Read More…

Productive Collaborations Require Strong Infrastructure

Written by Scott Wheeler on October 19, 2016

Recently, I found myself conflicted during a planning session with a collective impact backbone organization. While working on a communication plan I found myself questioning the feasibility of the plan. All the things we were discussing; including informing and updating funders, community leaders, internal teams, and those served by the collective were important. They were   Read More…