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Gaining Momentum Through Meeting Guidelines

Written by Rachel Coley on July 3, 2017

We’ve all been in a meeting and realized everyone there is having a different conversation. We’ve all been in a meeting with people we do not like, or worse, don’t trust. That’s why Strategy Arts establishes meeting guidelines that frame conversations and support trust-building. During the introduction of each meeting, we articulate the guidelines and   Read More…

The Heart of Collective Impact: Driving Change in Work Groups

Written by Elizabeth Guman on June 29, 2017

Strategy Arts was recently invited by the Mayor’s Office of Community, Empowerment and Opportunity to lead a workshop as part of their Shared Prosperity Roundtable. Shared Prosperity is CEO’s initiative to coordinate the efforts to address poverty in Philadelphia. It functions as a set of seven coordinated collective impact initiatives with many smaller working groups   Read More…

Powering Collaborations through Leadership

Written by Scott Wheeler on November 9, 2016

Leadership. A concept we like to stress at Strategy Arts is that leadership is by permission, management is by position. When considering the leadership required to make collaborations work; this is true more than ever. Leadership of collaborations is multifaceted, requiring leaders to stay engaged and attentive with members of their own teams and with   Read More…