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Elected officials and the public expect government organizations to be transparent, efficient, and highly responsive. Government leaders must meet and often exceed these expectations while operating in an environment defined by shrinking budgets, constantly evolving organizations, and intense media and public scrutiny. Frequently, they must also manage complex staffing arrangements, made up of a mix of political appointees, long-term employees, and contractors. To be successful, they need to lead with clarity of purpose, unambiguous policies and procedures, and seamless interfaces with other government organizations.

Government managers must address a number of unique challenges as they lead their organizations:

  • Government organizations often have overlapping missionsSolutions for Government
  • Political environments are constantly shifting and often highly polarized
  • Regulations can make communication with key stakeholders arduous
  • Efficiency and bureaucracy often seem mutually exclusive
  • Empowering individuals is difficult in a system designed to maximize control and minimize risk
  • Complex decision-making slows responsiveness
  • Keeping operational procedures up to date can be cumbersome

At Strategy Arts, we understand these challenges and know how to help government leaders navigate them. We have served customers ranging from federal organizations to city and county governments. Our consultants have experience working with organizations in military and civilian medicine, security, technology, the environment, and social welfare. We work with our clients to frame projects that fit their unique needs, and collaborate with them from start to finish, building client capacity while helping them achieve their long-term project goals.

“Strategy Arts helped the Decades to Doorways Initiative clarify roles, strategy, and goals. Government can’t solve these huge issues alone. We now have clear plans and partners know how to engage and are more invested than ever.”

Dolores Colligandecade-to-doorway

Deputy Director of the Chester County Department of Community Development

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