Mission, Values, and Purpose

Our Mission

Strategy Arts enables the success of organizations and collaborations through stakeholder-inclusive planning services incorporating authentic dialogue and informed decision-making.

Our Values


We collaborate with our colleagues and clients. A true partnership creates synergy, so our customers get better results, develop greater know-how, and enjoy the satisfaction of teamwork.


We are inclusive in our business practices and consulting work. We actively seek the involvement and opinions of all stakeholders. The best solutions to difficult challenges often lie at the intersection of multiple points of view. When every level of an organization gets involved, outstanding results belong to everyone.


We have the responsibility to be actively engaged community members and conscientious global citizens. We are committed to community involvement, charitable giving, and sustainable business practices.


We ask the hard questions, listen intently, and say what needs to be said. Only through good communication can we illuminate challenges, grasp complexity, and ensure understanding. Clear and open communications builds trust and collegiality within our team and with our clients.


We try to learn from every opportunity. Feedback given is constructive, and feedback received is instructive. Blending our understanding of human dynamics with research and analysis, we provide unique and valuable educational experiences. Moreover, we constantly seek to improve our skills and competencies in our own fields of practice, while also expanding our knowledge in others.


We strive to be the best at what we do. Every challenge is an opportunity to do better. We provide clients with high-quality products that turn in-depth analysis and step-by-step process into meaningful learning and tangible action.

Our Purpose

  • To increase the impact of efforts addressing complex social and environmental problems by fostering the growth of cross-sector collaborations
  • To assure the views and perspectives of stakeholders are heard, understood, and considered in nonprofit, corporate, and government planning
  • To be a model of how a service business can be a force for good to encourage clients and others to adopt positive social and environmental practices