Our B Corporation Certification

From Strategy Arts’ early days we have focused on how organizations work, recognizing that good planning requires good analysis and careful attention to the people that make up a business. We also recognize that organizations have a responsibility beyond their own boundaries; even beyond their mission or profit objectives. Today’s local and global challenges are too big for individuals and governments to tackle alone; business needs to be part of the team. We believe that this extends beyond being a good corporate citizen to actively engaging in and with our communities to drive towards a more sustainable world. “Being a B Corporation” is one part of what we do to keep that focus.

The B logo we proudly display on our website, business cards, and documents indicates that we operate our business in an ethical, environmentally sustainable, and socially responsible manner that is responsive to the needs of all of our stakeholders. To use it we need to pass a verifiable audit of our business practices by B Lab and incorporate language in our operating agreements assuring that we are not restricted to profit-only criteria when making business decisions. We are proud of our founding role in the B Corp community. What excites us even more is the responsibility we accept by being a B Corp.

To us being a B Corporation is about:

  • Constantly reaching for ways to do business that not only make a profit but help address the challenges and inequities in our world.
  • Recognizing the interdependence between the business community and the world.
  • Asking ourselves hard questions such as, “Who is impacted by this decision?” or, “How can we reduce any harmful impacts that arise from the things we do?”
  • Recognizing that our role and influence as consultants can help our clients develop a broader perspective on their organizations and engage in supportive relationships with a wider range of their stakeholders.
  • Creating a supportive work environment for our partners, employees, subcontractors, and the wider Strategy Arts community.