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Strategic Planning

The Challenge: Developing and implementing strategy is one of the most rewarding leadership responsibilities and also one of the most challenging. Leaders face many questions at the start of a planning project:

  • What process should we use to develop a strategic plan?
  • Whom should we involve in the planning process?
  • What information do we need to inform planning decisions?
  • How do we keep the focus on customers as we develop our strategic plan?
  • How do we ensure our strategy reflects our organizational values?
  • How can we motivate the organization around the strategic plan?

At Strategy Arts, we specialize in helping leaders answer these questions. We help them build the understanding they need to make well-informed planning decisions and guide the meaningful discussions that help to create, build, and implement a successful strategy. We engage the wider organization in detailed planning for strategic initiatives, creating the plans and organizational alignment needed to pursue the strategy.

Our Approach: Our Planning to Action framework helps us tailor collaborative solutions to fit each project and allows clients to envision the full extent of a process that will lead them from “planning to action.”

Developing Leadership’s Perspectives
Creating a Shared Vision
Engaging the Organization in Action
Reinforcing with Accountability

“Working with Strategy Arts was critical to the success of the Green Economy Task Force. With a unifying vision and roadmap, Philadelphia organizations were able to secure an unprecedented amount of green job training dollars.”

Leanne Kruger-Braneky  SBN_Logo_4c_lockup                                                            Former Executive Director, Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia

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