Vision – Alignment – Action


It is not a simple statement, but a time-bounded description of where a business or organization should be at a future time. To be useful a vision must describe the desired future with sufficient detail to make the value of its reality resonate. It must be grounded in reality, providing an outcome worth pursuing and challenging enough to inspire and motivate.

We believe that a useful vision is owned by an organization, not an individual. A vision provides a clear target around which an organization can rally. By helping an organization’s stakeholders collaborate to envision their future, we create an environment for inspired action and the clarity through which important initiatives can be defined.


Alignment on a common purpose behind an organization’s action creates the greatest opportunity for success. Change does not result from planned actions alone, but also from the individual decisions made daily across an organization. When ownership for a well-defined vision is widely shared, all decisions are made with an eye toward the common goal, enhancing and amplifying chosen initiatives.

We believe that alignment is achieved through communication, accountability and participation. Through meaningful involvement of the wider organization in planning, and by driving accountability for decisions and action to the appropriate level, we help build ownership and leverage the wider knowledge of the organization. We help leaders build the organizational awareness and empowerment needed to make change happen by providing clear and powerful communication strategies.


Action is the essence of change. Because people learn by doing, action moves an organization forward and teaches the lessons needed to clarify what comes next. In today’s rapidly changing environment it is often impossible to define all the steps needed to achieve an ambitious goal, yet risky to delay action. By defining the most important first steps and accepting the need to learn, organizations can build the confidence to move quickly toward their goals.

We believe that immediate action can be the most motivational and sustaining step an organization can take in pursuit of its plans. To achieve this we first help organizations determine the most important initial steps. We then work with those tasked with the execution of those steps in detailed planning, thus readying the organization to move from Planning to Action.