Reentry to Workforce Partnership: A Case Study

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September 19, 2014

Since 2012 Strategy Arts has been providing essential support to the Reentry to Workforce partnership, helping this government, nonprofit, and private sector partnership make concrete systems change in the Philadelphia prison reentry system.

Today we are delighted to announce the publishing of Reentry to Workforce: A Case Study. This White Paper discusses the four-year journey of this impactful partnership. We thought you, our blog readers, might be interested to learn how Strategy Arts supported the partnership in:

 Adjusting their initial assumptions about what people leaving prison need to be successful in reentering the community

• Using learnings to evolve their impact over time

 Putting mechanisms in place to work together effectively across the nonprofit, public, and private sectors

This effort has grown to be a platform for a much broader initiative that will continue to have a significant and positive impact on the reentry system in Philadelphia.

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Reentry to Workforce Partnership: A Case Study