Nonprofit Alliances, Mergers, and Other Shape-Shifting Trends

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December 3, 2015

On Thursday, December 10th the Arts + Business Council of Greater Philadelphia, in partnership with the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, will be hosting their Fall 2015 Nonprofit Program for about 200 attendees. The program will be held at the University of the Arts and is entitled “Nonprofit Alliances, Mergers and Other Shape-Shifting Trends.” This title highlights the theme for the program, which is to foster long-term collaboration and successful mergers that will strengthen the nonprofit sector in Philadelphia. Strategy Arts is looking forward to attending and providing an exhibit table at the event.

At Strategy Arts’ table we will demonstrate how our services can assist in the program’s theme of collaboration and important structural change resulting in a stronger nonprofit community in the greater Philadelphia region. We will be explaining how our strategic planning approach can take organizations from the planning to action stage, and show how useful our collective impact work can be when different organizations are working together towards a united goal. Program participants will receive essential tools from Strategy Arts’ table mapping out the way our services will guide them towards their goals.

Come join us next week at the Fall 2015 Nonprofit Program in Philadelphia and see how your organization can benefit from the wealth of knowledge and networking opportunities presented at this event.