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Collective Impact and Partnership Planning

The Challenge: Collaborations between partnering organizations can significantly increase their collective impact in addressing complex issues. Whether in a large coalition or a small partnership, navigating the accompanying complexities of any collective action requires trusting relationships and relentless attention to detail. Collaboration leaders face many questions:

  • What are the leverage points that will enable us to drive meaningful change?
  • How do we understand the people, behaviors, and relationships that make up the system behind the issues we are trying to address?
  • How do we grow our collective understanding from the knowledge and experience of partners?
  • How do we organize and share information in ways that keep partners engaged?
  • What governance structure will provide flexibility and build the clarity and trust our partners need?
  • How do we plan and monitor a cohesive set of activities across the collective?

At Strategy Arts, we help partners enhance the effectiveness of their collaborations, guiding them through the development of goals they can all support. Strategy Arts consultants help define the structure and processes for a lean, supportive infrastructure that enables their shared work. We facilitate meetings that create space for the authentic communications needed to bridge organizational and sector barriers and affect lasting systems change.

Our Approach: Strategy Arts’ Collective Impact framework helps leaders organize, build, and maintain the momentum of cross-sector partnerships. Elements of the framework also provide the discipline for smaller partnerships that are not at the scale of a full collective impact project.

Establishing the Common Agenda
Implementing the Infrastructure
Sustaining and Renewing

“Strategy Arts helped the Decades to Doorways Initiative clarify roles, strategy, and goals. Government can’t solve these huge issues alone. We now have clear plans and partners know how to engage and are more invested than ever.”

Dolores Colligandecade-to-doorway

Deputy Director of the County of Chester Department of Community Development

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